Christine’s adventure

Christine, a little girl with big brown eyes and dark curls, lives in a tiny cottage in the countryside. She spends her days with her faithful friend Nosey. Her trusty and loving mate is a long-haired and sweet eyed dog called Nosey, because he’s really curious and always looking around everywhere. Playful and cuddly, he’s always with her never leaving her alone. Nosey is wherever his little mistress is.

Christine’s father is a lumberjack and is always in a near wood to ensure that the trees are lush and healthy. When he sees a sick tree he cuts it and sells the wood.

He checks the animals. If he finds an injured one he takes care of it in a small room of his cottage and when it is well it’s free again.

Around the tiny cottage there are many trees that give shelter in Winter and there are many flowers that brighten it up with their flickering colours in Summer and Spring .

In Autumn nature changes the colour of leaves in many different shades and then slowly they fall from branches..

Mr. Hunchback

It is a story of three people who think they accidentally killed a poor man but the truth turns out to be way stranger than they imagined.

Long time ago in China, when the King was passing by the town he saw few people making fun of a poor man. They were embarrassing him in public due to his hunchback. The King ordered his manager to bring Mr. Hunchback to his palace and ordered everyone to treat him as his special guest.

Following his orders, The Royal Chef prepared special grilled fish for Mr. Hunchback. While serving the meal chef was telling Mr. Hunchback that king really likes him and now nothing wrong will ever happen to him. Fish was so delicious that Mr. hunchback gulped the whole fish in one go. Within a second of his gulping he fell from his chair and fainted. Looking at this Chef and his assistant ran towards Mr. Hunchback & tried different ways to get him back to his senses but nothing worked. Assistant asked The Chef, “did you remove the fish thorns before serving him?” ..

Phoebe and the Big Bad Wolf

Phoebe and the Big Bad Wolf

For now Phoebe is happy to be a fairy, but she tells everyone that she was born a witch. Mr Cricket doesn’t want to annoy her.

Winter comes. It is cold, snowy and frosty. Phoebe and Mr Cricket warm themselves on the fireplace with firewood from the forest. Someone knocks on the door.

Who can it be? Don’t open the door, Phoebe!

“Phoebe, it’s me, the wolf. Open up it’s terribly cold out here.”

Mr Cricket takes his head out of the sugar bowl and gestures to Phoebe to open the door, but Phoebe refuses.

“I won’t open the door. You’re the Big, Bad Wolf.”

Mr Cricket is angry. “Phoebe, you told everyone that you’re a witch. Witches are brave, they are not afraid of anything. Open the damn door and let him in. Let’s hear what he has to say.”

The Wolf rushes in and sits in front of the fire place. He decides to talk after a few minutes.

“Phoebe, I have to ask you a favour. Hunting season has started and wolves are in danger.”

Phoebe shrugs. “What can I do? Y..