Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Once there lived three grumpy bears

Papa Bear Mama Bear and a little Baby Bear

One day the mother of the three bear

Prepared porridge with a great care

And served it in a China ware

She said it is hot

And when it will be a little cold you’ll love it a lot

So they were busy in talk

And finally decided that they will take a walk

They went for walk

And a girl named Goldilocks

Was there

With soft skin and Golden shiny hair

She peeked inside just for fun

And found three bowls with porridge in each one

She was hungry so she picked the spoon

She tasted all three bowls and gulped the baby’s one soon

She went to sit on one chair

Of the three bear

She liked the baby bear’s


She sat on it

And broke it

Then she went upstairs searching for a bed

I like the small one (The baby’s one) she said

And as soon she tried to sleep

She fell asleep

While the three bears came

Playing a game

They were happy as they had storage

Of porridge

But when they came inside

A little porridge eaten were the things they could find

In rage the three went to the dining room to get some rest

But the condition was not the best

The sheets lying here and there

And the broken chair of the baby bear

In rage the three bears

Went upstairs

They found Goldilocks and out she ran from the window

And after that you know

Everything was repaired

So this was tale of three bear

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