The Best Son

Once there lived three sons.

The first one name was Sonu and he was very lazy, the second son name was Ramu and he was quite foolish while the third one’s name was Ronu and he was intelligent brave honest and hardworking.

One day the king announced that he wanted to adopt a son.

He wanted to adopt such a son which should be intelligent brave and honest.

So he had decided to take three tests.

In the first one you’d be given some seeds.

You have to water it daily and the one having the most beautiful florist will succeed.

The second test would be to cross a creepy dark forest filled with slippery fungal.

The third test would be to tell the answers to the questions “How much wool is there in the sheep”.

Good luck to all of you.

In the first one Ronu kept watering the plant but it didn’t sprout.

But he worked hard.

When the king called everybody Ronu came with an empty pot while everybody’s pots were filled with wonderful florist.

But the king didn’t like anybody’s until Ronu’s pot came.

The king declared that the first round would go to Krish, Ronu, Sarina, Rita, Lina, Lisa and Ritu because their pots were empty and I gave all of you boiled seeds.

When the seeds didn’t grow you bought any other types of seeds while they were honest and tried hard.

Now comes the braveness.

Ronu was very brave and passed the test easily.

The king announced that the ones who have passed the test are Lisa, Ronu, Krish and Sarina.

In the next test Ronu gave the answer “As many stars are there in the sky is the same amount of wool in the sheep” and Ronu passed the test.

Now he was going to be the king’s son.

Yep Yep Yippee.

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