Dontnod Is Creating Universes Beyond Gaming For Life is Strange, Vampyr, and Twin Mirror

Dontnod Entertainment has created its own tidy little stable of intriguing properties over the years, with Life is Strange entering its second season soon, and an excellent-looking narrative in the form of Twin Mirror on the way. Not to mention the engrossing dark fantasy of Vampyr, which entranced our very own Charles Singletary. And it doesn't look like the studio is going to be stopping there.

In a recent interview with, Dontnod shared that the team is currently looking beyond just the realm of video games for each of its products. That means, beyond the Life is Strange series of comic books from Titan Comics, we could see plenty more where that came from going forward.

"We are creating universes for each game: Life is Strange, Vampyr, Twin Mirror. Obviously for us, it's natural to think about movies, TV series, comic books for each of the IPs we create," said CEO Oskar Guilbert.

So if we're all good little boys and girls, it's possible we could see something like a Life is Strange movie or even a Vampyr TV show some day. Hopefully each individual media project could actually live up to the potential of its source material, too. We're already seeing some pretty excellent TV series out there right now based on games, like Netflix's Castlevania, so perhaps this is the next big step.

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