Crossroads – Detroit: Become Human

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Crossroads: 100 Percent Completion Notes Crossroads is the first (but not the last) chapter in Detroit: Become Human to tell a story from the perspective of all three main characters. As such, this chapter has three separate and distinct flowcharts: one for Markus, one for Connor, and one for Kara, all of which we've featured below. In addition, each character's part of the three-part tale comes with its own unique set of endings, which this guide will spell out after each flowchart. For convenience, players can use the links below to jump straight to the flowchart or ending list they're looking for: •
Markus Flowchart • Markus Endings • Connor Flowchart • Connor Endings • Kara Flowchart • Kara Endings
Beyond all this, and because of the immense complexity of this chapter, providing a text-based flowchart is more complicated than with previous guides in our walkthrough. To get around the problem, this guide will break each of the smaller branch points into ..