Rez Infinite Review

Rez, originally released in 2001, was an immediate masterpiece, an astounding aesthetic achievement that was at least as much experience as it was game. It would also serve as one of the games that would send off the Dreamcast and help usher in Sega's still-new role as a third-party publisher by appearing on the PlayStation 2. It's something of an understatement to call this a tumultuous time for Sega, but at the same time the Sega of this era was having something of a creative peak, with inventive, if not outright amazing games landing in arcades or consoles on a somewhat regular basis. Everyone's got their favorites, but to me, Rez (with Cosmic Smash coming in second, which probably tells you a thing or two about the sort of looks I like in a damn video game) has always been the main representative of that era. It's a game that you'll probably finish in a sitting, five levels, in and out. But the look and sound of Rez lingers to this very day.
Its reinvention..