Card-based mashup Solitairica is free on the Epic Games Store

Drumroll please! Okay, maybe not. The list of free games in the Epic Games Store Winter Sale leaked quite a while ago, so there’ll be no monocle-popping or tea-spitting or expressions of indignant surprise in any form. But yes, the prophecy is true yet again, and Solitairica is free to download for the next 24 hours.

So far we’ve seen a wide variety of titles coming out of Epic’s gift basket, with big-budget suspense thriller Alien: Isolation one day and indie darling Night in the Woods the next. Solitairica is one of the odd ducks on the list – less well known, and a little harder to classify. It’s a mashup of an RPG Rougelike with the classical card game Solitaire, with goofy cartoon visuals and a fairytale tone. Do the cards all come to life and cover the screen when you win? Guess we’ll have to find out!

Just make sure to get it before tomorrow, when we’ll all act surprised as the next mystery game is revealed (it’s going to be Torchlight 2). PC gamers should also check out this sale on external drives that’s currently running at the Western Digital store, as well as follow the good ol’ Jelly Deals Twitter for bargains, stock updates and more.

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