Under fire Hogwarts Legacy designer leaves Avalanche

They claim it isn’t related to the discovery of their rather controversial YouTube channel.

A lead designer on Hogwarts Legacy, Troy Leavitt, has announced his resignation from Avalanche.

The developer said on Twitter that he was leaving the studio and had “nothing but good things” to say about the upcoming Harry Potter game, his colleagues and the title’s publisher, Warner Bros. Leavitt did say that there was going to be a video on his YouTube channel at some point in the near future to explain the situation.

In a subsequent tweet, the lead designer said that he felt “absolutely secure” in his position and was “very pleased” with his relationship with both Warner Bros and Avalanche.

Leavitt’s resignation comes in the wake of the revelation that he used to run a YouTube channel that was both anti-feminist and anti-social justice. The discovery of Leavitt’s rather alarming beliefs was just another controversy surrounding Hogwarts Legacy.

Ahead of its reveal in September 2020, developers at Avalanche expressed concerns about Harry Potter author JK Rowling’s views on transgender people. In an FAQ after the game was first shown off during a PS5 showcase, publisher Warner Bros. said that Rowling had no involvement in the creation of Hogwarts Legacy.

Earlier this month, it emerged that you can choose to play as a transgender character in the game. Initially slated for a 2021 release, Hogwarts Legacy is now set to launch in 2022.

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