Here’s how one Valheim player made a cool home in a rock

More Viking Grand Designs content, please.

One Reddit user has made themselves a pretty cosy home inside a rock in Valheim.

User CartronMat showed off one of his “little hidey holes,” which is hidden away inside a fairly innocuous-looking rock in the Viking survival game. A door on the top leads to some stairs that take the player down to a cute little den where they can rest their weary head. This home is complete with a toasty fire, bed and is even pretty well-lit thanks to torches.

Other Redditors were curious how CartronMat achieved this set-up, asking whether they had cut through the top of the rock to build this hideout, but that isn’t actually how it was made.

“I pickaxed down by the side of the rock and then went underneath and came back up through the rock,” CartronMat wrote.

“At the end there was a gap at the side so I used the hoe to elevate the ground and fill it back up. I planted grass there and all looked new again.”

The Valheim community is already getting pretty creative when it comes to building things within the Viking survival title. One user recently showed how to make a structure with stacked hearths in the game.

Valheim has shifted more than 5 million copies since its launch at the start of February. You can check out our guides for Iron Gate’s Early Access title right here.

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