Valheim player’s Greydwarf farm is some grim, late capitalism shit

Valheim players are quickly turning to the dark side.

As a sandbox survival game, Valheim offers players immense freedom in how they overcome the game’s many challenges. As with all successful genre hits, Valheim has quickly become home to some clever ideas and useful engineering hacks.

But perhaps none of it is more horrifying than Reddit user Leathermattress‘ Greydwarf Toaster 5000, essentially an automated farm to constantly harvest Greydwarves and strip them down to wood and stone used to build everything in the game.

Leathermattress’ construct is actually a fairly simple fenced zone – filled with fire – around a Greydwarf spawn area. Greydwarves spawn, get trapped and burn to death shortly after. The more the game spawns them in that area, the more raw materials the Greydwarf Toaster 5000 produces.

Leathermattress even calculated the amount of wood needed to keep such a big fire going against what it produces, and found that there’s a clear gain, though you’re probably going to get more stone than wood using this method.

As for how you could build this contraption in enemy territory, Leathermattress also explained how they managed to do it, though your mileage obviously may vary.

“The Greydwarf nests randomly spawn in the Blackforest, I just happened upon mine by accident. I slapped down a workbench and a campfire to keep the little ones confused. Fought off the bigger ones while digging the trench, then like you say fire and fence!” he said.

Our Valheim guides will help you figure out the game’s various quirks, but we can’t promise anything quite as efficient. As for farming, we have some ethical boar farming and breeding tips.

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