Techland sharing Dying Light 2 dev update next week

Will we finally get a new release date for the zombie parkour sequel?

Polish studio Techland is going to providing a bit more information about Dying Light 2 in just a few days.

The developer said in a post on Twitter that it was going to be sharing “a few words” about the upcoming release on Wednesday, March 17. There’s no hint as to what this will involve precisely, but it has been some time since Techland has shown off the zombie parkour sequel. It’s possible that we might finally get a new release date for Dying Light 2 as the game currently does not have a launch window.

This announcement comes just weeks after a rather damning expose by The Gamer about development on Dying Light 2. Staff painted work as being frustrating with management interfering with the project.

Dying Light 2 was announced back at E3 2018 with a spring 2020 release date. Techland pushed the game back from this at the start of last year, saying that the title would be coming out at a later point.

The fact that development wasn’t going great was hinted at in May 2020, when Polski Gamedev reported that there wasn’t a vertical slice for Dying Light 2 ready. At the time, Techland insisted that the title was playable from start to finish.

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