Xbox planning a summer event with more Bethesda news

Unsurprisingly, there’s more news to come on Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda.

In a long and slightly meandering roundtable discussion, Xbox and Bethesda leadership came together to talk in some detail about what lead to their partnership, the fate of Bethesda’s live games on other platforms, whether future titles will be exclusive to Xbox and much more.

But one bit of news may have gone slightly under the radar, and it’s that Xbox is planning to host a summer event at the usual E3/June spot. Though marketing boss Aaron Greenberg didn’t specifically say whether it will be held in June, he did confirm that the event would bring more Bethesda news.

Greenberg’s comments don’t necessarily mean that Bethesda and Microsoft are both collaborating on a single event, as there could still be room for Bethesda’s summer showcase alongside a segment or two in Microsoft’s show. This all depends, of course, on the calibre and number of announcements the two companies plan to make around that time.

In case you missed it, 20 Bethesda games arrive today on Xbox Game Pass.

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