Stellaris: Nemesis expansion gets an April release date for PC

Sci-fi strategy game Stellaris‘ upcoming expansion, Nemesis, has finally been dated for PC and will arrive next month.

As per a press release from Stellaris publisher Paradox Interactive has stated that the new expansion will launch for Stellaris on PC on April 15.

As you’d expect from that title, this new expansion allows you to become part of the endgame crisis that threatens the state of the universe (if you so desire). In order to feed the dark demons and indulge in a bit of galaxy destroying yourself, though, you’ll first need to horde Menace, ascend through the ranks of the diabolical ones and, eventually unlock the Aetherophasic Engine; a grim machine powered by the last bits of thrashing life from a dying star. Get all that? Good.

Check out a new trailer for the upcoming expansion below.

Of course, for every villain, there’s got to be a hero. Players can also choose not to be the titular nemesis of all things decent, and instead become a Galactic Custodian – spy on the nefarious evil ones, gather information about their plans, and swoop in to stop them before they unleash the power of the Aetherophasic Engine on the universe at large.

You will be able to experience all this and more when the Nemesis expansion lands on Steam, GOG, and the Microsoft Store on April 15.

If you’re playing Stellaris on console, you can look forward to the launch of the Lithoids Species Pack, March 25. This pack includes new portraits, a new voice pack, ship models, and more, all related to the Lithoids race.

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