Here’s a look at some of the weapons in Deathloop

Deathloop will have all sorts of weapons at your disposal.

A look at some of the weapons you will be using in Deathloop has been provided in a new gameplay video.

In the exclusive gameplay clip you see below from Game Informer, you get a look at a knife, the Tribunal pistol, the Strelak 50-50 assault rifle, a PT-6 Spiker which is similar to a nailgun, and the Fourpounder hand cannon.

In Deathloop, your goal is to takes down eight targets called Visionaries in one loop. With each death, you will start from the beginning again, but your knowledge of the targets will grow. You will also be able to upgrade your weapons and abilities each time.

You will also have to contend with a rival assassin who will also be coming after you.

The game will arrive May 21 on PC and PS5 in standard ($60/£60), and Deluxe Edition ($80/£80).

It is expected to be a timed console exclusive for PS5, despite Microsoft’s acquisition, and there’s no news about it coming to other platforms yet.

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