Dying Light 2 aiming for release this year, more news “very soon”

The promised Dying Light 2 development update brought us… the promise of news.

As promised, Dying Light 2 developer Techland technically delivered a development update on Wednesday. The update came in the form of a video where members of the development team read mean tweets calling out its long development period.

Unfortunately, if you came to this thing expecting some real news, you’d be very disappointed, because that’s really it. Techland said it’ll be ready to talk about the game “very soon”, and flashed a 2021 splash target in the video, seemingly suggesting the game would actually be released this year.

The video closed with snippets of new gameplay showing some light parkour, and the infected. Techland recently responded to a very damning report about the game’s troubled development and questionable studio culture, saying that the game is not in development hell.

This week’s video could only be seen as an attempt to take back control of the message, considering how little substance it ended up having. Nevertheless, we’re excited to see what the team has been toiling away on all this time.

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