Xbox Series X/S’ Auto HDR is coming to PC

Microsoft is bringing Auto HDR to PC.

Auto HDR is one of the most impressive innovations Microsoft debuted with Xbox Series X/S consoles. In simple terms, the AI-driven feature allows the console to map HDR onto an SDR image. In other words, it approximates what HDR does with SDR games.

It may not quite deliver the same quality as native HDR, but it elevates the image several steps above standard SDR, which is perfect when playing older games developed before HDR was a thing, on modern HDR-capable TVs.

Now, Auto HDR is coming to PC. Microsoft has rolled out a preview version of the feature to Windows 10 users, with support for over 1,000 games running both DirectX 11 and DirectX 12.

The feature is only available to Windows Insiders running build 21337 (or above) right now, but anyone could become an Insider to test it you. To do this, register to be an Insider at the official site. Once you’re running the Insider build, you’ll find a toggle for Auto HDR under Settings > System Display > Windows HD Color Settings.

Though Microsoft doesn’t expect Auto HDR to cause a performance hit, it’s looking for feedback in those areas.

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