Everything You Need to Know for Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train

The new, smash hit series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has been taking the anime, manga, and even film industries by storm ever since 2019, breaking all manner of records along the way. So with the western release of the Demon Slayer Infinity Train movie hitting theaters on April 23, and digital platforms on June 22, we thought we'd take this opportunity to break down everything you need to know about Demon Slayer season 1 to watch the new movie so even those uninitiated can hop aboard the Mugen Train. And if you don't know what any of that means, don't worry, that's why you're here–we're going to explain who the demon slayers are (including Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inouske), why demons need to be slain, what's the deal with the dude in the boar mask, and more. But first, just know that the movie takes place right after the Demon Slayer S1, so to get you caught up on what you need to know for the movie, we kind of have to spoil the events of the anime series. If that's an issue, go watch Demon Slayer, it's really good, it's available on numerous streaming platforms, and it's got a great dub as well!

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