It looks like Battlefield 6 might get revealed in May

It’s been suggested by an industry insider that Battlefield 6 might be in line for an official reveal from publisher Electronic Arts sometime in May.

We’ve recently heard that EA moved Criterion off of its as-yet-untitled Need for Speed game in order to help EA DICE with Battlefield 6, and now it seems we’re due for an update on the anticipated FPS quite soon, too.

As per a livestream GamesBeat’s Jeff Grub – a trusted sleuth and reliable source for information about publisher’s plans – Electronic Arts is targeting a May reveal ahead of some E3-adjacent plans later in the year.

When asked by a curious viewer on a livestream when the next Battlefield game would be unveiled, Grubb replied shortly with: “May.”

“Things are still fluid,” he continues. “They haven’t announced anything publicly yet. But my understanding is that they’re probably looking at May.”

Take this as a rumor for now, of course; there’s no official word from EA on when we’re going to hear anything about the new game, and though Grubb has been accurate in the past, there’s no guarantee that this information will be on the money this time. Grubb has recently also made comments about Elden Ring and Starfield, either of which have yet to be proven correct.

This comes after comments from EA that the development of the game is ‘ahead of schedule’ – and you’d hope so considering EA Los Angeles has also been drafted to help with the project.

If this story has done nothing to satiate your appetite for all things Battlefield, Sherif recently wrote about what he’d like to see Battlefield 6 take from Battlefield 3.

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