Dolby Vision game support testing has begun on Xbox Series X/S

It looks like Microsoft is getting ready to bring Dolby Vision HDR gaming support to the Xbox Series X/S, as new users get to test the feature out.

As picked up by Forbes, the latest Xbox Insider Alpha ring release has enabled testers to use Dolby Vision HDR for a (very) select number of Xbox Series X and Series S games.

As the site reports, it seems the games that actually make use of Dolby Vision at the time of writing are limited to Borderlands 3, Gears 5, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and Wreckfest – though more will likely be added to the roster over time.

We know that we’re getting the tech ‘first on Xbox’, but there’s no timescale as to when we can expect it on PlayStation at the time of writing.

Some reports seem to suggest the support isn’t working as well as Dolby and Microsoft would have hoped, though; an update to Forbes’ initial article notes that Dolby Vision is being applied as “a variation of the existing HGiG (HDR Gaming Interest Group) system, to all HDR games”, rather than using Dolby Vision via the games’ own engines.

It’s worth noting that only certain models of TV (not Samsung, for example) are compatible with Dolby Vision.

Apparently, we can expect a wider rollout of Dolby Vision for ‘soon’, though no date is given by Microsoft. If Xbox Alpha Ring users are trying out the feature, though, it likely means we can expect a general release sooner, rather than later – expect it in 2021, at any rate.

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