Why Changing Comic Origin Stories for the Movies is Important

If you'll allow me to start off with a cliche, "With great power, comes great responsibility." Some may argue that superhero origin stories are played out, and even modern comic book movies often introduce us to heroes mid-career without any explanation. But of course, an origin story sets off the chain of events that leads our heroes to learning more about themselves while also choosing to fight for justice. So the "great power" line from Spider-Man encapsulates not only the granted abilities of superheroes, but also the importance of stepping up to those responsibilities presented. But it also is reflective of the choices filmmakers themselves have to make when adapting a hero's story, including their origin story. As IGN continues its search for the greatest superhero movie ever made with our Super Movie Madness contest, let's look at some different types of origin stories and how they've been re-interpreted for the big screen.

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