Dataminer suggests Titans coming to Apex Legends alongside new character

Big robot go boom boom.

The titular robots from Titanfall might be, erm, falling into battle royale spin-off Apex Legends.

That’s going by reputable dataminer Biast12, who posted a video on Twitter apparently showing a player calling in a Titan. This is seemingly an ability used by rumoured upcoming new playable character, Blisk.

Though set in the same universe, Apex Legends has not introduced Titans to its battle royale gameplay as of yet. Speaking to VG247 last year, game director Chad Grenier said that it tried to incorporate the giant robots into Apex Legends early in development but struggled to get them to work alongside regular player characters.

“We actually had a version of Apex early on that had Titans, that had pilots with the wall running and all that in there, and we were facing the same challenges that we were trying to solve in Titanfall for a long time,” he explained.

“And how do you design a map that supports both big and small? How do you balance a game where you have Titans and squishy pilots?”

In the footage, the Titan is called in and appears to fire in an arc in front of it. Whether you are able to board and control the mech isn’t clear, but that would likely give too much of an advantage to players.

As mentioned earlier, Blisk is rumoured to be an upcoming new character in Apex Legend. Back in 2019, dataminer That1MiningGuy posted an image showing what appeared to be a design doc with upcoming playable characters, including Crypto, Revenant, Lobo and Rampart.

Blisk was down under the “Future Characters” category and has previously appeared in both Titanfall titles. He’s a mercenary who fought during the series Frontier War, before helping to create the Apex Games battle royale tournament, which is what Apex Legends depicts.

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