Here’s how good PS5 Bloodborne at 4K60 could look if Sony would give fans what they crave

Bloodborne, the often forgotten first-party PS4 exclusive, has the potential to impress again.

The Bloodborne community, hungry for anything to be done with the beloved modern classic, has once again taken to tinkering with the game’s code to produce some stunning results.

By now, Bloodborne fans should be well aware of Lance McDonald, the modder who managed to create an unofficial 60fps patch for Bloodborne, and got it to run on PS4 Pro. Unfortunately, due to CPU limitations of last-gen machines, and the game’s unoptimised code, they only – barely – managed to get a locked 60fps at 720p. Though the patch could run the game at 1080p 60fps, framerate drops would be too big.

That Bloodborne 60fps patch could only be run on modded/jailbroken PS4 consoles, but someone managed to get it working on a PS5. The sheer difference in power easily allows the console to run it at a locked 1080p 60fps. That’s according to a Digital Foundry report, who has seen footage of the game running on what is believed to be a PS5 dev kit.

Though Digital Foundry wasn’t able to replicate the case itself on launch hardware, the tech outlet decided to go one step further and examine the look resolutions well above the 1080p Bloodborne shipped with could achieve. With the framerate now stabilised, DF looked to AI upscaling to see what a potential 4K version of FromSoftware’s RPG would look like.

In the report (and the video above), DF ran the footage through Topaz Video Enhance AI, an AI upscaling tool. After settling on a model, the tool was fed 1080p footage, and rendered it at a 4K output, upscaling it along the way. This is not upscaling for the game itself, since no one could get it running on PC, for instance – simply the video footage.

Still, the results are illuminating. Although some obvious problems exist, such as Bloodborne’s shimmering and poor anti-aliasing, the final image is clean and sharp. In some cases, it’s too sharp, as DF points out, which actually ends up giving it a different visual style in some instances.

Click the link for the full breakdown.

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