Monster Hunter Rise Guide | Tips for Combat, Farming, Bosses

The latest in the legendarily complicated series, Monster Hunter Rise can be overwhelming for newcomers and seasoned players alike.

Whether it’s the spreadsheets full of equipment for you to construct, the plethora of resources to gather, or the nuances of the monsters themselves, we’re here to help guide you along with tips and advice on nearly every aspect of Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise Guide | Tips for Combat, Farming, Bosses

We’ve divided up our Monster Hunter Rise guide into four main sections: Monsters, Resources and Crafting, Character, and Side Quests.

Each one touches on a different pillar of the game, discussing strategies for taking on the toughest beasts, finding the rarest loot, creating the strongest character, and completing the most perplexing side quests.

Monster Hunter Rise Character Guides

In Monster Hunter Rise, there are a dizzying array of options to consider. What kind of weapon should you use? What kind of clothing?

We’re here to lend a hand with a guiding push towards creating the best character possible:

Monster Hunter Rise Resource Guides

The world of Monster Hunter Rise is a big place, and it’s not always easy to find what you need.

Here’s where to go to track down some of the most hidden resources:

Monster Hunter Rise Side Quest Guides

On top of tackle monsters, there’s plenty to find in Kamura Village and beyond.

Here’s how to complete some of the more difficult side quests in Monster Hunter Rise:

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