Monster Hunter Rise Wyvern Egg | How to deliver Transport Items

You might think battling giant beasts would be the toughest task in Monster Hunter Rise, but that’s nothing compared to gently guiding a fragile Wyvern Egg back to camp.

Wyvern Eggs are classed as Transport Items: resources you scavenge from the landscape that are too heavy to instantly teleport back to your item box, that need to be hand delivered back to base camp.

The kicker is that Wyvern Eggs, and later Herbivore Eggs and other variants, are extremely susceptible to breakage. While slowly lugging them around, you cannot fast travel, take any sort of hit, or fall from too great a height.

Here’s how to safely transport Wyvern Eggs back to camp in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise Wyvern Egg | How to deliver Transport Items

The first time you come across a Wyvern Egg will likely be in the Shrine Ruins, the first locale you visit in Monster Hunter Rise, in the top-right corner of the map, Zone 11.

Here, when you search the nest, you’ll collect a Wyvern Egg and be instantly burdened by its weight. You need to safely walk it back to camp to add it to your item stores, and that means taking no damage while you do it.

Now is the time where you thank your lucky stars you’re playing Monster Hunter Rise. Although it’s not immediately apparent, you can still use your Wirebug while carrying a Wyvern Egg.

This means you can drop from high places – like where you collect the Wyvern Egg – and deploy your Wirebug before you hit the ground to keep your Transport Item intact.

Therefore, all you need to do between getting back to camp is avoid any and all monsters – large and small – to make sure you don’t take any damage.

However, you still need to be very careful not to land too sharply – sometimes if you’re unlucky it just seems to break anyway. This seems especially prone to happen if you Wirebug off of a high point and then land without using your Wirebug again.

When you get back to your camp, just interact with the Supply Box (where you collect your First Aid Kit and EZ Rations at the start of a mission) to complete the delivery.

What do you do with Wyvern Eggs in Monster Hunter Rise?

Aside from completing certain optional side quests, Wyvern Eggs reward you with a large amount of Account Points during a mission.

When you complete the quest, these Account Points are converted into Kamura Points, which you can then spend on Bunny Dango, Rare Finds and Trade Goods at the Argosy, and on sending out your fleet of Meowcenaries.

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