Outriders demo cheaters need to delete all progress to avoid public shaming in full game

You have been warned.

Developer People Can Fly has cautioned people who cheated on the demo for upcoming shooter Outriders of the consequences of their actions.

In a post on Reddit, the studio said that if you cheated with the trial for the game, you will need to delete all your characters and items from your account in order to not face repercussions for using hacks.

Those who cheat in Outriders are going to be publicly branded with a permanent watermark on screen that shows they haven’t been playing by the rules. This will be account-wide, so if you have multiple characters and only cheated using one, you’ll still be shamed.

Cheaters will also be unable to co-op with regular players, and matchmaking will take “significantly” longer for them, presumably as you’ll only be able to hook up with a smaller pool of players.

As for what counts as cheating, People Can Fly has provided a pretty comprehensive list. You’ll be down as being a bad actor if you are intentionally not running Easy Anti Cheat software, if you modify the game to “enhance a character,” if you tweak game time to reduce how long certain mechanics take to perform, use a “trainer” program to gain an advantage or – the classic – use exploits like aimbots or wallhacks.

“If you cheated during the demo ‘just to try it out’ but wish to go into the main game unbranded, you must DELETE ALL CHARACTERS AND ITEMS ON YOUR ENTIRE ACCOUNT in order to wipe the slate clean,” People Can Fly wrote.

“You should not carry over any progress between demo and main game if you previously cheated but do not plan to do so in the main game.”

People Can Fly said that around 200 people have been caught cheating in the demo for Outriders; that’s 0.01% of the roughly 2 million people who have downloaded the trial for the upcoming shooter.

Outriders launches on April 1 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC following the last of many delays from its original summer 2020 release window. The title is also coming straight to Xbox Game Pass for console and mobile, but not PC.

You can find out everything you need to know about when you can pre-load and download Outriders right here.

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