Don’t expect Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey or The Last Story remasters any time soon

The Final Fantasy creator and Mistwalker boss, Hironobu Sakaguchi, has revealed he’s not really interested in working on remasters of his games, including Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey or The Last Story.

In an interview with VGC, Sakaguchi was asked if he and his development studio Mistwalker would be interested in developing remasters or remakes of their legacy RPGs.

“To be perfectly honest, there aren’t any plans for any remakes at the moment,” replied the iconic developer. “Although they’re called remakes, the amount of effort and resources it would command means the difference is basically nil between [developing] a remake versus a completely new game,” he explained.

“I would personally find myself more attracted to the idea of coming up with another original story or world, or building something new.”

To that end, Sakaguchi is working on Fantasian with his studio. Pegged as a ‘Diorama Adventure RPG’, the game is due to launch on Apple Arcade first – though it currently goes without a release date. Sakaguchi’s long-time collaborator and composer extraordinaire, Nobuo Uematsu, will be on music duties for the game, too. Check out the trailer above.

It’s a shame we’re likely not going to see the Wii’s The Last Story, or the Xbox 360-exclusive RPGs Blue Dragon or Lost Odyssey arrive on modern systems any time soon, but if Fantasian lives up to its incredible art style and premise, that may not be such a bad thing after all. You can also at least play Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey via backwards compatibility, in lieu of getting a proper remaster.

If you’re still hungry for older Japanese role-playing games on new systems, you’ll be pleased to know many Final Fantasy titles are now available on Xbox Game Pass, and Square Enix is planning to remaster another of its iconic series, too… we just don’t know which one yet.

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