Evil Genius 2 reviews round-up, all the scores

The satirical spy-fi lair builder series, Evil Genius, is back for another crack at world domination with Evil Genius 2 – and so far, it looks like good news for developer and publisher Rebellion.

Evil Genius 2 was announced way back in 2017, and amongst certain loyal parts of the gaming audience, there’s been a huge amount of interest in this comedic strategy title.

The long and short of the game is this: players take control of an Evil Genius and set their plans for world domination in motion by building (fairly) inconspicuous bases, repelling would-be action heroes, and generally being something of an international nuisance. Talk about a ‘power fantasy’.

In our preview for Evil Genius 2, we called it “a safe, strong sequel that fans and newcomers should both adore” – and it seems we weren’t alone in that appraisal.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination will be available for PC, via Steam, from March 30 – but ahead of that, let’s take a look at what all the critics are saying? Scores below are based on ten being the highest unless otherwise noted.

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