Microsoft Flight Simulator performance improvements now live in patch

Microsoft Flight Simulator has received more support from publisher Microsoft and developer Asobo, ranging from adding new aircraft to fixing a suite of performance issues.

As detailed in a new blog post over on the game’s website, Microsoft and Asobo have pushed out a huge new patch for Microsoft Flight Sim that introduces some key updates to the game that improve performance and stability in the popular simulator game

The developer notes that the patch includes “performance optimizations when flying close to large airports such as Dallas-Ft Worth (KDFW)” and
“performance optimizations of server requests when in the menus and during flight” have been applied, meaning that the game should run just that bit smoother than before if you’ve upgraded to the latest patch.

“While this fix may not address all performance related issues we believe this patch will help many of you get back to flying and encourage you to provide feedback on this patch as we continue to improve the sim performance with each future update,” says the blog, before rounding off with a chirpy ‘thanks!”.

If you’re looking forward to more updates landing in the game (no pun intended), you’ll be pleased to know that the studio is continuing to work on an FX Editor for Dev mode and expects the first build to ship ‘very soon’, too.

Microsoft Flight Simulator was released back in August 2020 for PC. In our review, we said it was “a remarkable release fit for seasoned pilots and beginners alike.” Within two weeks of launch, the game had attracted more than one million players, and Microsoft had clocked 2 million by December 2020. Expect that number to boom again soon when Microsoft Flight Simulator comes to Xbox Game Pass this summer.

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