The PS3, Vita and PSP PlayStation Store on the web has gone offline

Sony has disabled access to the PlayStation Store serving PS3, Vita and PSP.

Just days after it was reported that Sony is getting ready to close digital stores for PS3, Vita and PSP, it appears the platform holder has already taken the first steps.

The old PlayStation Store, which sells games for PS3, PS Vita and PSP is no longer accessible on the web. All three stores can be browsed through the consoles themselves, but that experience is clunky and prone to crashing there. Sony did not announce the closure of the web version of these stores, but players reported that they had gone offline over the weekend.

You may recall that ahead of the launch of PS5, Sony unveiled a revamped PlayStation Store, and announced that the new version will only list PS4 and PS5 games, leaving its back catalogue to each of its classic console’s individual stores.

Though this change took effect in October, fans were still able to access those stores from the web, through unique regional URLs. This sort of backdoor no longer works, as the links now redirect to the overhauled PlayStation Store.

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