You’re riding monsters all wrong in Monster Hunter Rise

There’s a brand new system to the Monster Hunter series in Rise which allows you to puppeteer monsters and make them fight each other. This sounds amazing, right, but if you’re anything like me when I first started playing Monster Hunter Rise, you might be wondering why wyvern riding feels slightly clunky and little lackluster. The tutorial for wyvern riding really doesn’t do this new mounting mechanic justice, and that’s a shame because the potential it has to aid you in battle is game-changing when you know how. Luckily enough for you, Hunter, I’ve been playing a whole bunch, observing the meta and watching way too many Monster Hunter streams. As such I have learnt the ways to unlock the hidden layers of wyvern riding which I want to share with you all.

I’ve compiled my tips and tricks into a handy video to demonstrate the options you have while wyvern riding to make the most out of the new feature. Here’s how to become a pro Wyvern rider.

  • How to Monster Swap
  • >What animation cancel is
  • How to use a monster’s alternative attack
  • What you can do while the monster is mountable
  • Mounter punisher management
  • How wire bugs help you when wyvern riding
  • The meta within the Monster Hunter community
  • How to force monsters to fight
  • How to get more monster materials from hunts
  • How to understand the mount timer

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