Remedy’s next game with Epic is Alan Wake 2 – report

It looks like Remedy will be going back to Alan Wake with its next big project.

A little over a year ago, Remedy announced singing a publishing deal with Epic Games to produce two games for PC and consoles.

According to VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb, one of those is Alan Wake 2. Grubb revealed this on his Twitch show, explaining that Remedy had been looking for a publisher to help it fund Alan Wake 2, and Epic offered the best deal. The reporter didn’t reveal any other details about the game, just that it was something Remedy wanted to make.

When the deal was announced in 2020, Remedy said the other project will be set in the same universe, but it’s going to be smaller in scale. Alan Wake 2 supposedly was in pre-production at that time.

Epic also signed the next project from Gen Design, and Playdead as part of the same announcement, in an effort to build exclusive games for its platform and not just rely on buying timed exclusivity rights like it has ben doing.

It’s not quite surprising that Remedy will be going back to Alan Wake, as the developer has been trying to connect its different games with each other in the same universe. Indeed, creative director Sam Lake said last summer that the studio’s new project takes place in the Control and Alan Wake universe.

Remedy has turned into quite the busy studio. The Finnish developer is currently working on the single-player campaign of Crossfire X, as well as mysterious other multiplayer project.

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