Cruella Review

Cruella reviewed by Kristy Puchko – narration by Max Scoville. Director Craig Gillespie and his screenwriters (Dana Fox, Tony McNamara, Aline Brosh McKenna, Kelly Marcel, and Steve Zissis) had a tricky needle to thread. They were tasked with creating a re-imagining fresh enough to thrill general audiences, but familiar enough to appease 101 Dalmatians fans. With a PG-13 film, mature content is allowed, but its edges must be child-proofed. The result is a wonky ride that feels like Cruella herself might be at the wheel. All that said, this studio franchise entry makes some big, wild swings that are simply spectacular. Along with the glorious gonzo fashion, this cacophonic film offers complicated female characters with unapologetic attitude, grand ambition, and a truly bonkers backstory that's better left unspoiled. These glimpses at greatness had me wishing it did more than scratch at camp. Swaying between outlandish and expected, the movie ultimately feels like a clumsy compromise. Still, with grimy whimsy, crackling leading ladies, imaginative twists, and plenty of eye-popping spectacle, Cruella is a hell of a good time.

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