Xbox E3 Conference – Starfield predictions, Halo hopes, and PGR dreams

Xbox bethesda e3 2021 showcase

We chat about Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox E3 conference, where it will show off new games from its studios including Bethesda.

The Xbox E3 conference airs on June 13, but we are so excited about seeing and hearing about new games that we had to talk about it. Join me, Alex, and Dorrani as we spend the best part of an hour chatting about what we expect to see from each of Microsoft’s internal dev studios – and, indeed, from third-party publishers Microsoft might be partnering with.

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Do we think Perfect Dark is going to make an appearance? Is it too early to see gameplay from Avowed? Is this year going to see a new Forza or Forza Horizon? And is Rare busy working on anything other than Everwild and Sea of Thieves?

With the new Xbox consoles now out of their honeymoon period it’s time Xbox starts showing off what the machines can do. Do you think we’ll get some true next-gen visuals on show during the Xbox E3 conference? Will we see any news about more studio or publisher acquisitions? And will Minecraft finally get updated with Xbox Series X|S support? Let us know in the comments.

We’re obviously all massive Sony fanboys, but we do our best to feign excitement for Xbox games and Xbox Game Pass. Hopefully it comes off as genuine.

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