The Bizarre Pizza Origins of the Smash Wombo Combo | Esporthesaurus

The best Wombo Combo moments are seen everywhere in esports, from League of Legends to Dota 2 to Overwatch. But did you know it started with some pizza and Super Smash Bros? Today on Esporthesaurus we break down the origins of Wombo Combos by examining its pizza topping roots. By detailing what many believe to be the best wombo combo (zhu in Melee) we learn exactly what makes up the innovative move. Whether it's a wombo combo montage or a wombo combo compilation, the move is a mainstay across esports coverage. Which do you prefer; an lol wombo combo, an Overwatch wombo combo, a Smash wombo combo or a Dota 2 wombo combo. Let us know and keep coming back for more esports terminology breakdowns!

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