Forza Horizon 5 has 60fps performance modes on Xbox Series X/S

Forza Horizon 5 will let you play it in 60fps on any Xbox Series console.
Following the big Forza Horizon 5 reveal at the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase, Playground Games has offered a few more details about what we can expect from the game.
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In a wide-ranging FAQ posted on the Forza support website, it was confirmed that Forza Horizon 5 offers two different modes on both Xbox Series X and Series S. By default, the game runs at 4K 30fps on Series X, and 1080p 30fps on Series S. The game also offers a performance mode that ups the framerate to 60fps, though the resolution was not specified for either console.
PC-specific options were not provided, with Playground instead promising to share more over the coming months. Presumably, you can expect similar options to Forza Horizon 4. As revealed during the showcase, Forza Horizon 5 supports ray tracing, but only in Forzavista – the mode that lets you view a car and poke around. We’re not sure whether ray tracing will be turned o..

All Star Tower Defense Codes List [June 2021]

Looking for All Star Tower Defense codes? Look no further. All Star Tower Defense codes are a handy way to get some extra rolls and try for better units, and they’re especially helpful if you’re new to the game.
New codes appear regularly, and it’s more than worth your time to check back each month or after big updates to see what rewards you can claim.
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How to redeem All Star Tower Defense codes
All Star Tower Defense codes
All Star Tower Defense expired codes
How to redeem All Star Tower Defense codesRedeeming All Star Tower Defense codes is simple. Find the gear icon in the screen’s lower right corner, tap it, and find the box to enter your code. It’s very large and hard to miss.
Enter your code, then claim your rewards.
All Star Tower Defense codesMost of these All Star Tower Defense codes grant you at least 100 or 150 Gems, enough for two or more spins of the hero summon. If you’re new to the game, it’s a good idea to go ahead and spend your Gems on as many spins ..

More Halo Infinite multiplayer gameplay coming today

We’re getting a deeper look at Halo Infinite multiplayer today.
Halo Infinite salvaged what would have otherwise been a mediocre showing at the Xbox and Bethesda E3 Showcase by offering a first look at its free-to-play multiplayer.
The gameplay trailer showed off standard Arena combat, Big Team Battle and some of the new Spartan abilities and pick-ups. But 343 is not yet done showing the game off this E3, because later today, we have a date with another gameplay showcase.
Today’s stream, available on Halo’s official YouTube channel embedded below, kicks off at 8am PT, 11am ET, 4pm UK. The show will bring us a “deeper look” at Halo Infinite multiplayer, and reveal some insight into its development from the people who made it.
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Expect more details on player customisation, the new player tutorial mode dubbed Academy, playing against bots, and all the Halo sandbox changes Infinite’s multiplayer is introducing.
Halo Infinite is out this holiday on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Seri..