120fps finally comes to Warzone on PS5, Roze skin gets another nerf

Today is the start of a new season in Warzone, which means a host of patch notes to dig through.
Season 4 has officially kicked off in Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War. As we’ve come to expect, there’s a lot of fresh content to play, and some balance tweaks to the meta.
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One of the bigger additions in the Season 4 patch is 120fps support for Warzone on PS5. You may recall that shortly after the launch of Xbox Series X, Warzone was quietly updated to run at framerates up to 120fps. This change was never properly announced, and it never came to PS5.
Warzone, of course, isn’t the only game to get a framerate boost on Xbox Series X but not PS5, and it has to do with how the two platforms recognise next-gen games. Xbox allows developers to upgrade the experience for next-gen players without the need for a new SKU, whereas PlayStation does. Either this policy has changed, or developers finally found a way around it – the end result is improved performance on PS5…

Demon’s Souls could be on its way to PS4

Demon’s Souls, one of the most impressive PS5 showcases, may be coming to PS4.
Bluepoint’s Demon’s Souls remake, which was the biggest and most technically impressive launch game for the PlayStation 5, may show up on PS4.
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That’s according to PlayStation Game Size, a Twitter account dedicated to cataloguing game updates and file sizes. PlayStation Game Size spotted an entry for Demon’s Souls on the PS4 store database.
Though there’s no direct link for it, the account said it could just be a test version, and may not end up being released. Nevertheless, the idea that Demon’s Souls could end up coming to PS4 is certainly interesting.

🚨 Demon's Souls News :

🟥 YES ! Demon's Souls have PS4 Version in Database !

🟧 BUT This Version Can Be Cancelled , Can Be Release Soon Or Can Be only small Test Version For Developers

🟦 #DemonsSouls #PS5 #PS4 https://t.co/kbXXmuxq9P pic.twitter.com/2th3sWn0tj

— PlayStation Game Size (@PlaystationSize) June 16, 2021
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Pokemon Unite news coming tomorrow

Looks like we’re getting some news on Pokemon Unite tomorrow.
The Pokemon Company has announced it has some Pokemon Unite news for those looking forward to the game coming to Switch and mobile.
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According to the tweet, there will be an announcement made tomorrow, June 17, at 7am PT, 9am ET, 2pm UK. Maybe it will be a release date.
The real-time, team-based battle game with cross-play capabilities will be free to start and was announced back in June 2020.
In it, two teams of five Pokemon will try to defeat the opposing team. There are five different scoring areas on each side and you will score points by capturing wild Pokemon on the field. The goal is to score more points than the other during the time period. You will be able to level, evolve, and learn new moves you can choose for your Pokemon by defeating wild Pokemon.
A Pokemon Unite closed beta test was held back in March for Android devices, and it is just one Pokemon game that’s currently in the works.
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