Xbox at E3 shows it finally has games, but is still struggling to match Sony in terms of wow factor

A largely brilliant 90 minutes should have left Xbox fans happy, but Sony still has the upper hand in terms of next-gen showstoppers.
Xbox is doing great right now. It would take someone truly unwilling to give Xbox a shot to come out of watching the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase and not seriously think about being part of that console/PC/Game Pass ecosystem. It was a top notch showcase, with a diverse bunch of games, most of which you can play for less than a coffee and cake each month. It feels like Xbox is finally returning to its Xbox 360 heyday, which is great for everyone who loves video games.
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And yet. Why am I somewhat underhyped? It’s a strange feeling. I’m feeling good about Xbox, looking forward to all the games coming to Game Pass (just look at that image below for a taste of what’s coming, not all of it), and we finally saw some truly next-gen looking games in the form of Microsoft Flight Simulator and Forza Horizon 5, but something was missing. As an e..

Atomic Heart will be on Game Pass day one

Atomic Heart is back with another stunning trailer, but no release date.
At the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase, we got treated to a fresh trailer for indie retro-future shooter Atomic Heart.
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Atomic Heart is a first-person shooter taking place in an alternate-future Soviet Union. The world looks like it’s the 1950s, but it has the equivalent of modern technologies like robots, holograms and even the internet. P-3, the game’s protagonist, is a government agent sent to investigate a industrial facility gone quiet.
You’ve likely seen Atomic Heart’s impressive visuals in various RTX trailers from Nvidia, and no doubt in other showcases of the best-looking upcoming indie games. This new trailer does not disappoint in that regard.
Though the trailer doesn’t offer a release date, it does confirm that the game will launch into Xbox Game Pass, across PC, console and cloud.

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Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase reaction – Gamers win as Game Pass starts to show off

Tom, Alex, and Dorrani take a look at the Xbox E3 presentation, which might have been Xbox’s best ever showing.
The Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, perhaps the biggest event of E3 2021, has been and gone. At a tight 90 minutes, packed end to end with game trailers and announcements, it was a big win for Xbox. Without Sony to battle head to head with, Xbox had the limelight to itself and didn’t squander the opportunity. Watch me, Alex, and Dorrani discuss all the news and listen to us get pretty excited about Game Pass.
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Sure, the Xbox presser was missing some big games and didn’t really have any “mic drop” moments, but it was a very impressive showing that should reassure Xbox owners and potential owners that the Xbox ecosystem is one worth being part of.
What did you make of the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase? Did Xbox do enough to win you over? Are you already a Game Pass member, now smiling from ear to ear? Let us know in the comments section below.
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