Microsoft Flight Simulator is 30fps on Xbox Series X/S

Asobo has clarified a few details about Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox.
Microsoft Flight Simulator was only just announced for Xbox Series X/S, but developer Asobo is already talking about a few specifics.
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The studio confirmed, via the game’s official Twitter account, that Microsoft Flight Simulator is a 30fps game on Xbox Series X/S. This isn’t particularly surprising, either, as it’s one of the most demanding games on PC, where many setups struggle to maintain 60fps.
What’s interesting, however, is that the Tweet also confirms that players whose TVs support VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), will be able to enjoy a smoother experience. When connected to a supported TV, Microsoft Flight Simulator will run at framerates above 30fps.
The Tweet doesn’t clarify what this means, but it appears the game is going to offer an unlocked framerate option, where the framerate is going to vary depending on the scene. In those cases, VRR can smooth out these fluctuations, which is wh..

DICE will be talking Battlefield 2042’s reveal today in a livestream

DICE developers are going to sit down for a chat about Battlefield 2042 today.
EA and DICE have announced an impromptu Battlefield 2042 livestream, where members of the development team are going to talk about the game’s first week of reveals.
The show airs today on Battlefield’s Twitch channel, at 8am PT, 11am ET, 4pm UK. It’s mainly going to be a discussion between DICE general manager, Oskar Gabrielson, and senior design director, Daniel Berlin. But you should also expect some of the game’s other developers to show up.
We’ve embedded the stream below:
You should probably keep your expectations in check. We’re not likely to get any new gameplay footage after Sunday’s gameplay reveal. This is mostly looking like a chat with team members, though we do hope they mention some new details.
Our next stop is EA Play Live in July, where we’re going to learn about DICE LA’s secret new experience, one of three in Battlefield 2042.
Battlefield 2042 is out October 22 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, a..

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles will feature both familiar and new gameplay mechanics

Capcom showed off two new trailers at E3 3022 today for The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.
The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles was part of Capcom’s 30-minute E3 2021 presentation today, we were given a look at some gameplay mechanics.
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In this particular trailer from E3 2021, Capcom walks you through both familiar gameplay mechanics as well as new features including investigating crime scenes with the Dance of Deduction and persuading the jury with Summation Examination.
Using Dances of Deduction, Ryunosuke and Susato will need to work together to untangle Sholmes’ “over-enthusiastic assumptions” and discern the truth.
In order to stave off the peril awaiting his clients, Ryunosuke must use these facts in court to convince a jury of his client’s innocence.
So, say the scales of justice lean toward a guilty verdict, Ryunosuke can engage in a Summation Examination. This seldom-used legal practice allows him to pick apart inconsistencies in each juror’s logic, and pit th..